Caroline Eastwick was an unwilling victim taken against her will to be buried alive to conceal Dennis Mann's second artifact.

Buried Alive (Episode 3)

Months before the guests arrived, Caroline was captured and imprisoned by presumably her husband. A rag was forced into her mouth, stopping her from yelling. She was then dragged to a coffin and buried alive. The hole dug for the coffin was dug by Marvin. They then chained up the coffin and buried it under Dennis Mann's orders. The artifact was then stored in a chest, which could only be opened when someone was buried alive in the coffin after a seance. The guests then have to retrieve Caroline's Blonde Wig, Emerald Ear Rings, and Vibrant Scarf. After Sarah volunteers to do the Seance, Caroline speaks through Sarah. She says; 'I am here. My name is Caroline Eastwick, I am speaking to you through the mouth of your friend. I was taken against my will, and buried in a coffin, bound with an iron chain. My life was taken in order to hide the artifact from the living. To retrieve it, you must find my coffin, exhume it from the Earth, and release me. You must also find the key to unlock the chain that seals it. The path that leads to the key starts at a fork beneath the weeping tree. Take the low road. I do not know where the coffin has been buried. I remember being carried past the red stone. Near the back of the house. Hurry! Release me from this hell!'. They eventually find the coffin, and dig it up, only to find it empty. They find a note from Caroline, saying; 'I can feel your presence near, my spirit will soon be free. There is only one more task ahead of you. The hiding ritual used to conceal the artifact required an unwilling soul to be buried alive and it was mine. Now another unwilling soul must be buried to reverse the spell. Only then will the artifact rise from it's earthen tomb. I know it is a horrible thing to require, but if I told you, you would never have come this far. The group must vote, but only one name will be drawn this time. That person must be taken away against their will and buried alive in this coffin. Please do not falter now.' They choose Justine.

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