Eva is one of the three guests (Including Joey) that successfully escape the night. She was close to death in the Russian Roulette Challenge up against Timothy, but Tim took the bullet.

An Invitation (Episode 1)

Eva is one of the guests invited to Joey's dinner party, she chose the role the 'Journalist'. Early on she is seen playing darts with Matt and Shane. Later on, Shane asked Eva is they were allowed to look around. Eva says, 'Being the Journalist, I always just wanna see what's happening and I never think of the consequences'. She tells Shane she's down to look around, so they wander upstairs once everyone heads to the dining room. Shane and Eva both catch Sarah dragging a bloody, dead body across the second floor hallway. Eva asks, 'Where's the bathroom?' Sarah tells them to go downstairs. Eva does so and returns downstairs. Once Eva and Shane return to the Dining Room, Eva says she was in the bathroom when the group questions where she was. She decides to keep the maid's secret to herself. Shane soon started to cough up blood, Eva states; 'Blood just starts splurting out of Shane's mouth!'

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