Glowzell Green was one of the guests invited to attend Joey's Dinner Party. She thought she was the only guest invited, afterall, she only wanted to marry Joey and live in the mansion. After Shane's death, Glowzell started to blame Joey for working with the evil, which would eventually lead to her death.

An Invitation (Episode 1)

In Episode 1, Glowzell is invited to the dinner party. She came thinking she would marry Joey for his money and his new mansion. After Joey explains he received the mansion through the death of a cousin, Glowzell admits her cousins give her nothing. Joey says 'You all look amazing tonight in your 1920's attire', then quietly in the background Glowzell states, 'I stole this'. After the guests enter the Lounge Glowzell is seen with Justine and Timothy gambling at the table having a drink. When she needs another card while gambling with Timothy, he asks, 'Whatcha gonna do, Glowzell?' She responds singing, '♩Hit me one more time!♩' Justine then deals her card, also singing, '♩ I'll hit you with my best shot! ♩' Glowzell then responds with, 'I'm the Jazz Singer here, sweetheart. I know you sing pretty, but I don't do duets'. Justine then apologizes. She confesses, 'Well, I was hoping I was the only one invited by Joey, but it's fine! I'll do whatever, as long as I get my man, and my mansion'. Later, at dinner, Glowzell sings once again; '♩ Sittin' here with the food, having fun with Joey. I wish he would give me some of that money. ♩' Everyone laughs at her song. Right after, she says; 'That Sarah chick is a little scary, though, that maid.' Everyone agrees with her. Glowzell then points out that when she marries Joey and lives in the house, Sarah is the first one that's got to go. After Sierra called the estate 'cute', Glowzell's jaw dropped. Glowzell asked; 'Am I the only the poor one here?' The entire group burst into laughter. Timothy replies saying; 'Glowzell, you got a bedazzled headband on.' Glowzell responds saying, 'I stole it'. Joey adds, 'I think Glowzell is so hilarious, she's taking her character to a whole new level. She's just bringing the energy, I'm so glad that I invited her here tonight'.

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