Joey Graceffa is the main host of Escape the Night, he is nicknamed the Savant. He is also responsible for inviting the guests in the seasons 1 and 3. In Season 1 he invites the guest to attend a dinner party on the grounds of a mansion he received through the death of a relative.

Season 1

An Invitation (Episode 1)

When the guests arrive to the mansion, Joey makes a grand entry down the staircase, then asks how they all like the mansion. Once he greets everyone, he introduces them to Arthur, Sarah, and Marvin. Joey is found chatting to Andrea, Oli, Lele, and Sierra in the main hallway. He compliments Andrea's 'dark mistress' look, calling it gorgeous. Lele then asks if he actually owns the house. He responds; 'I don't have the deed yet, it's going to happen. Tonight it's supposed to happen, actually. Once I sign it, it's officially mine, but I've been living here so, it's mine.' Oli asks, 'So, do you wanna live here for the rest of your life?' Joey responds, 'Yeah! Why not?'. Lele asks, 'What? Alone? Do you have a girlfriend?' Joey says, 'Um, no...' Everyone in the hall starts to laugh. Joey whispers 'I guess she didn't see my video...' Joey then walks into the Lounge to play darts with Shane and Eva. Shane asks Joey if they could look around, Joey tells them he thinks they should just stay on the first floor. Right afterward, Joey walks up the stairs to ring a gong. He states, 'Dinner is served!' Then leads everyone into the dining room, apart from Shane and Eva, who disobey his orders and head upstairs. Once Glowzell sings a song pleading for money from Joey, he admits, 'I just got the house, okay? I didn't get the money'. Matt suggests he could put it on the market. Joey agrees with Glowzell that Sarah is a bit scary, asking, 'Does she smile?' Joey confesses he feels disrespected that Shane and Eva didn't listen to him. Joey starts to freak out after Shane starts to cough up blood. He takes the telegram from Matt, and reads; 'In 15 minutes you'll be dead. Your lungs filled with blood, however, you know I love games. There is an antidote hidden on the first floor of the house. If you and your friends are wise enough, they'll be able to solve the clues and save you. The symbols of your cult mark the clues leading to your antidote. It all begins with your last dish of the night. May you die in a horrible pain, my cursed enemy.' Sarah then sets the last dish on the table, under it lies the head of the unwilling victim Shane and Eva witnessed her murder.

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