Justine Ezarik or iJustine is one of the other 9 guests invited to Joey's dinner party. She is eventually betrayed by her friends, as some thought she was working with the evil of the house, due to Justine purposely letting Andrea perish to poison fumes. The death of Andrea lead to her demise with Justine eventually being voted to be buried alive by the group.

An Invitation (Episode 1)

Justine was invited to Joey's party, she chose the role the 'Gambler'. Coincidentally, she is later saw at the gambling table, gambling with Glowzell and Timothy. She says, 'I'm gonna deal some cards and we are gonna gamble tonight'. She sings '♩ I'll hit you with my best shot! ♩', which angers Glowzell. Glowzell says, 'I'm the Jazz Singer here, sweetheart, I know you sing pretty, but I don't do duets'. Later at dinner, Justine suggests that they should play some bets to see where Shane and Eva are. Glowzell agrees, saying 'They can't be in the toilet!' Soon after, Shane and Eva arrive. After they plead their cases of where they've been, Shane starts to cough up blood. Justine says; 'I mean, what is this place? I don't like it.'

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