Lele Pons is the closest guest to escaping the night in Season 1. She holds the last death of the season, and is unfortunately electrocuted in a dark challenge against Oli. Lele Pons was also one of the most helpful players to the team, although she had a hatred towards Matt, saying he's working with the evil.

An Invitation (Episode 1)

In Episode 1 Lele is invited to Joey's new mansion as the 'Hustler'. Once Joey introduces the guests to Sarah, Marvin, and Arthur, they all head into the lounge, but Lele, Sierra, Joey, Andrea, and Oli stay in the main hallway to chat. Lele asks Joey if he owns the house, she says, 'I need to be part of this house, I mean it's just big'. Joey tells her it will officially be his tonight. She then continues the conversation with, 'So you're not rich?' They then come to the agreement that it's basically his. After Shane starts to cough up to blood, Lele states; 'What? What just happened?!'

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