The Mad Scientist is a scientist in Escape the Night Season One. He has a machine in the Basement of the mansion, which had two unwilling victims poison gassed to create an Ungodly Monster. Unfortunately, Andrea fell victim of the machine as well.

The Ungodly Machine (Episode 2)

Months before the guests arrived in the basement of the mansion, the Mad Scientist had created a machine called the 'Ungodly Machine'. He chained up two unwilling college students, although their cries for help caused him to stop concentrating. Soon, he is told that it is time to start the machine by Dennis Mann. He then forces the college students into two separate clear tubes, then starts the machine. It sends poison fumes into the machine, killing them both. Both of their deaths resulted in an Ungodly Monster. Dennis tells him they will need more Ungodly Monsters, although he argues saying, 'The machine will need to be recharged', Saying it requires more electricity. Dennis then gives him the first ever artifact the guests need to cleanse, he tells him that the artifact may be impossible to retrieve again. 'It's better that way', Dennis responds. The Mad Scientist hasn't been in an episode since The Ungodly Machine.

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