Oli White is a guest invited to the mansion's grounds for a dinner party. He is also one of the three who escape the night.

An Invitation (Episode 1)

Oli White is invited to the dinner party, he chooses the 'Big Game Hunter' as his role to portray. Whilst in the hallway with Andrea, Joey, Sierra, and Lele, Oli states that he has just came back from hunting in Africa for the past couple weeks. Once at dinner, Glowzell sings a song pleading for money from Joey. Oli then confesses, 'We have a lot of girls that want money. I'm trying to, you know, stay back from that'. After Sarah brings the head to the table, Oli finds a note in the head's mouth. He reads, 'Something is not okay with this room, I like it in a perfect order, but certain things like to wander around the table instead of finding their perfect fit. Can you figure it out?'

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