Sarah is the Maid in Escape the Night Season One. In Episode 9 she is revealed to be working with the evil of the house until she is eventually slain by Arthur's Brother.

An Invitation (Episode 1)

When Joey comes down the stairs to greet his friends, he first introduces Sarah, Arthur, and Marvin. Once the guests enter the Lounge, Sarah makes drinks for the guests. Joey thanks Sarah, then she walks away until later on. When dinner is served Sarah is caught by Eva and Shane dragging a dead body across the second floor hallway. Eva asks Sarah where the bathroom is located, she does not answer and instead tells them that they should probably head downstairs. Shane tells Sarah, he's aware of what she's up to. Sarah has no response. At the dinner table, Glowzell says Sarah is scary to her, Matt then adds that she needs to work on her makeup. Glowzell adds that when she marries Joey and lives in the house, Sarah is the first one that's got to go. After Arthur delivered the note to Shane, Sarah brought in a dish with a lid covering it. Before she sets it on the table, Shane starts to cough up blood. Shane tells them he had been poisoned, right afterward everyone blames Sarah. Once they read the note, Sarah sets the last dish of the night on the table. It is revealed to be a bloody head.

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