Shane Dawson, or Shane Lee Yaw owns the first death of the series. After seeing Sarah dragging away a dead body on the Second Floor, Shane and Eva return downstairs to the dinning room, where he is poisoned after receiving a note from Arthur. The guests have 15 minutes to find a antidote hidden on the first floor of the house, but they fail, meaning Shane unfortunately dies. They soon learn Shane was a member of the Society Against Evil.

An Invitation (Episode 1)

In Episode 1, Shane comes to Joey's party, admitting he has never been invited to a YouTube party. Once Joey formerly introduces the guest to the staff, they enter the Lounge. Shane shoots darts along with Matt and Eva. He then confesses his love for 1920's, he says, 'I love being in the 1920's, mainly because I don't have to text anyone back, I don't have to worry about keeping up with Snapchat, I don't have to make any videos, this is great, this is vacation'. Later on, Shane asks Eva if they're allowed to look around. Eva replies, 'I'm down if you're down'. When Joey greeted them to play darts, Shane asked if they could look around. Joey told him dinner is almost ready, so they should stay on the first floor. Shane instantly became a little suspicious, saying 'I can tell he's lying, just by looking in his eyes. There's something he doesn't want me to see...' After everyone heads into the dining room for dinner, Shane and Eva secretly go upstairs. They both agree that the stairwell is creepy to walk up. When they reach the second floor they catch Sarah dragging a dead body across the hallway. Shane tells Eva to go back downstairs. Shane admits to Sarah that he knows what she's doing. He then turns around and follows Eva back downstairs. After he and Eva return to the dining room, the entire group questions where they've been. Shane tries to change the subject asking, 'What is this?'. They tell him not to change the subject, but he continues asking if the food is real. Shane says, 'I know I saw something with the maid. I don't know for sure if Eva saw it, but I think it's best for now to just not bring it up, but eventually, I'm gonna have to tell everybody'. Right afterward, Arthur brings a telegram note to Shane, saying he had been poisoned. Sarah then brings in a dish with a cover over it, which distracts the guests away from Shane's note, which he did not read aloud. Shane then started coughing up blood all over the table. Shane falls over in the floor and everyone starts freaking out. Shane continues coughing, but says, 'I think I got poisoned'.

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